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SITI NAPCO DMCC is a Dubai based freezone company working in South Sudan with strategic alliances that enable us to execute fuel sourcing, supply chain management, storage and delivery of fuel across South Sudan.


Since the closure of the oil pipeline and resultant shortages of foreign currency the supply of fuel into South Sudan has become a highly politicized issue. There is widespread discontent with Somali traders that have long dominated the fuel sector in South Sudan for manipulating the supply in order to sell fuel at inflated prices on the black market. In the past month there have been acute shortages of diesel in Juba and over 80 Somali fuel traders have been arrested and thrown in jail- including senior management from multi-national fuel companies.

SITI NAPCO DMCC is very well positioned to become the country’s first reliable South Sudanese fuel company. There is strong political support for the emergence of such a company and Stitico Fuel will benefit from the fact that it is a South Sudanese company.

Business Sectors being Serviced

  • Oil & Gas operators,
  • state and federal government,
  • parastatals,
  • road construction and infrastructure projects,
  • retail filling stations,
  • power generation facilities, and
  • UN and NGOs.

Bulk Fuel Storage

SITI NAPCO DMCC currently has access to a 1,200,000 liters depot in Juba.


  • Bulk Fuel Sourcing covering Jet Fuel, Diesel, Unleaded Gasoline, Lubricants
  • Transportation and Inbound Logistics
  • Outbound Transportation and Logistics
  • Storage