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NAPCO International has two classes of assets:
Its know-how and contacts built up over many years of operations in some of the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan.
Its own fleet of trucks. NAPCO operates a truck fleet in addition to renting trucks from the market. This ensures that the tankers are always fit for purpose and, where necessary, modified to fit in with the downloading procedures are particular destinations - the case study below of Tirin Kot highlights how NAPCO fitted NATO-standard valves, which speeded up downloading enormously. Large contracts have dedicated fleets of tankers, eliminating the risk of contamination from other fuels. Trucks which are used to carry jet fuel are epoxy lined and not used for any other product.

NAPCO treats its customers as partners. Afghanistan is a difficult country to work in, especially supplying the military, and problems are to be expected, which NAPCO always work with the customer to solve. For example, to ensure consistently high quality of fuel to Tirin Kot we worked with our customer and engaged an independent company to perform tests on the fuel before it is dispatched.

Currently the company makes deliveries to Kandahar Air Field, Bagram, Kabul International Airfield and Tirin Kot in Uruzgan province.
We have also imported other commodities vital to Afghanistan's reconstruction including bitumen and cement giving us this obvious advantage of having a developed infra-structure to support our logistics operations across Afghanistan.

Being a multinational company with offices in Dubai and in major cities of Afghanistan we have the ability of structuring alliances, partnerships and joint ventures to achieve set company objectives. Recently we formed an alliance with a well-known international oil trading firm, and are importing substantial quantities of jet fuel across the country's northern border with our own railhead discharge points at Turghundhi and Hairatan. Nowhere in Afghanistan is off-limits to us: we have delivered fuel successfully in Zabul and Helmand provinces, areas where US and NATO troops are battling a ferocious insurgency.

NAPCO's Business in Afghanistan Today
NAPCO currently employs 80 staff. Its head office is in Kabul with subsidiary offices in Kandahar, Herat, Mazar-i-Sharif, Hairatan and Peshawar. It has three storage facilities of 2 million litres each at Kandahar, Hairatan and Pul-i-Charkhi, Kabul.

Deliveries trade record to Bagram, Kandahar, Mazar, Kunduz, Khost and Herat. Because the company is Afghan-owned, has good contacts around the country, good convoy protection policies and its CEO from a prominent Pashtun family, NAPCO's record of keeping its convoys secure is better than foreign-owned companies despite operating in some of the most unstable parts of the country.

Napco Introduction
Quality Assurance Procedures
NAPCO has built its reputation on delivering high quality fuel exactly matching the customer's specifications. Strict quality assurance procedures are implemented in order to fulfill NAPCO's mission of delivering high-quality fuel on time, every time. Further down the supply chain the tanker trucks and their management are crucial.
Napco Introduction
Hairaton Terminal
Hairatan is very conveniently situated on the Amu Darya river just above the Friendship bridge on the Uzbekistan/Afghanistan border. It provides an increasingly important and rapidly expanding freight avenue into Afghanistan with the NAPCO Terminal situated in the middle of a large secure, industrial complex controlled by the Afghan National Army. There are two main storage tanks each of 1,200 cubic metre capacity (317,006 US gallons), already and also 17 horizontal tanks each of 60 cubic metre capacity (15,850 US gallons) giving a total storage capacity, when commissioned, of 3,420 cubic metres (903,468 US gallons).
Salient Features of the Terminal

Five Main Storage Tanks

17 Horizontal Tanks

Total Capacity:     9,000 Metric Tons

Fully commissioned Road Loading Gantry

On Site Laboratory for Product Testing etc

Specifically Allocated Tanks for Fuel Blending

Napco Introduction
Turgundi Terminal
The NAPCO Terminal at Torghundi is a compact and flexible terminal, ideally placed for the reception of fuel coming through Turkmenistan.
Salient Features of the Terminal

Four Main Storage Tanks :     820,000 USG x 4 = 3,280,000 USG

Rail Load and Off Load Track capable of handling multiple Rail Tanks Cars (RTCs) simmulaneaously

Separate Import Export Line for each Tank allowing Product to be Received into the Tank whilst at the same time Road Wagons can be Loaded with Fuel from the same Tank.

Blending Operations and Batch Consolidation Facilities Available on site

Each Tank fitted with a Cooling System that Sprays Water over the Tank tops During very Hot days in the Summer to Cool the Tanks

Foam Injection System for Fire Hazards

Fully Security Controlled Parking Area For Road Tank/Trucks

On Site Laboratory

Rail Load and Off Load Track capable of handling multiple Rail Tanks Cars (RTCs) simmulaneaously Separate Import Export Line for each Tank allowing product to be received into the tank whilst at the same time road wagons can be loaded with fuel from the same tank.

Blending Operations and Batch Consolidation Facilities Available on site. Each tank fitted with a cooling system that sprays water over the tank tops during very hot days in the summer to cool the tanks. Foam Injection System for fire hazards. Fully Security Controlled Parking Area For Road Tank/Trucks. On Site Laboratory.

Napco Introduction
Jalalabad Terminal
Salient Features of the Terminal

18 Underground Tanks

Each Tank has 75,000 Liters Capacity

Total Terminal Capacity is 1.35 Million Liters

Fire Fighting System is Available at the Storage Facility

Napco Introduction
Herat Facility
Salient Features of the Terminal

Below Ground Tanks 57 x 110,000 liters = 6,270,000 liters

Above Ground Tanks 06 x 140,000 liters = 840,000 liters

Total Capacity 7,110,000 liters

All tanks are interconnecting thus allowing simultaneous download and upload facility

Ample parking space for 60 plus truck fully secured within the boundary walls of the facility

Ideal location for supplies to the west of Afghanistan

Napco Introduction