At NAPCO Group we are always committed to being responsible corporate citizens at each level of the organization. For us, this means respecting our customers, suppliers and partners and all the business areas in which we operate.
To us it all comes down to one simple rule "Good Governance" - how we run our business, the standards that we apply across all our operations, how we manage financial and business risk, as well as how we manage our impact on the environment.
Napco Introduction
NAPCO Afganistan
NAPCO Afganistan
NAPCO's commitment to quality and timeliness led to its rapid growth in the fuels sector and led to its strategic alliances giving it the ability to source fuel from a wide range of countries.
NAPCO Afganistan
Recently-formed NAPCO DMCC is based in a Dubai Freezone and works closely with joint venture partners. NAPCO has been instrumental in moving 150,000 tonnes of jet fuel over the past year.
NAPCO International
NAPCO Afganistan
NAPCO International owns NAPCO's large fleet of trucks, which can be let out to third parties wishing to take advantage of our long experience in operating in Afghanistan. At present the fleet comprises 125 40 tonne lorries.